If you are an Ayurveda Doctor and running your own clinic then here is the Ayurveda Success Program to Scale your Clinic Practice.

I have interviewed over 100 Ayurveda doctors who run their own clinics and they have 5 major problems.


  • Patients come with Prejudice about Ayurveda
    - [ Ayurveda is slow / generates body heat ..]
  • Don't know how to handle customer expectations -
    [ Patients bargain a lot , high expectations from patients ..]
  • Don't know how to generate consistent foot fall -
    [ Lack of marketing knowledge ]
  • Don't have systems in place to hire people or to manage patient data - [ Systems to hire people, manage patient data ..]
  • I don't have good financial systems in place - [ Often I need money, but know the options out there ]

A Warm welcome to Guduchi Ayurveda.

I am Prashanth Vastred, Founder of Guduchi Ayurveda.

Me and my wife Dr. Yamuna started the Guduchi Ayurveda Clinic in 2014 and today we have built our exclusive brand with 250 products manufactured in our 1.5 acre manufacturing facility in Udupi and exporting our products to the UK and Middle East.

I am conducting a 2.5 hour Ayurveda Success Program. Where I will be talking about.


  • How to set and achieve the goals for your clinic with the help of the right business model.
  • I will share 50+ Must do, No Cost, low cost and paid marketing activities that are proven for clinics.
  • 5 proven techniques to deal with customer prejudice.
  • 10 systems and processes to have in place to run the clinic operation effortlessly.
  • 4 funding options and 1 financial system to have in place to run the clinic profitably.

On top of this I will share my proven blue print on how we generate business worth Rs 10 Lakh every month from our clinic.

It is my promise that, at the end of this 2.5 hour webinar, you will walk away with absolute clarity on how to run the clinic with the right business model and right marketing activities that will help you generate consistent revenue and equip you with strategies to scale the business.

I am taking up 3 major initiatives to uplift the perceived value and real value of Ayurveda and this is one of my 3 initiatives. If you wish to support this cause, you must pledge to invest 2.5 hours because each one of us can make a difference to Ayurveda.

The entire training program will cost you only Rs 599 and here is the crazy deal for the Rs 599 that you pay, you will receive classical Ayurveda products worth Rs 2500.

"  And if you don't like the training after 2.5 hours, you can just WhatsApp us and we will initiate the refund 100% "

Register now. Only 299 seats left

Event Date:  11th August 2023

Time: 3pm to 05:30 PM 
Venue : Zoom meeting

Take a virtual tour of manufacturing unit 

Glimpse of our Clinic in Kammanahalli 

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