A Warm welcome to Guduchi Ayurveda.

I am Dr. Yamuna B S and I serve as the chief Doctor. 

I play two important roles here in Guduchi, I lead the team of doctors for our online vertical, franchise stores and manufacturing unit and I also formulate the products for Guduchi, so far I have formulated over 250 ayurveda products. I have been practicing ayurveda since last 13 years and I have helped over 3 lakh patients with life style disorders. I am an alumna of Government Ayurveda Medical College and I am honoured with Times Exellence Award. one thing that makes me content is when I see my patients go from 20 tablets a day to zero tablets a day, as I strongly believe in "Saying No to Life long medication"

Guduchi Diabetes reversal program helps you live a prick free and pain free life and makes you feel more active and energetic and protects you from long term complications like blur vision and kidney failure and others. 

You might be feeling that it must be very difficult to follow the diet This is exactly how my thousands of patients felt when they first consulted me With the delicious recipe that we offer with our diet plan my patients found that it was actually more fun with different recipe.

One day I would love to say I used to have diabetes

Guduchi Diabetes reversal program is an advanced program backed by scientifically proven medicines which helps patients reduce their HBA1 C by at least 2 points in a month, if you want to see this kind of changes in any other program, it may take up to at least 6-9 months.

"We at guduchi strongly believe in saying Notolifelong medication . We have helped lakhs of patients live a pill free life for various life style disorders like diabetes,thyroid and hypertension and so on"

The entire diabetes reversal program for 6 months includes 12 consultation from the Dr.Yamuna and all the medicines required for 6 months along with customized diet plan for 6 months. It also includes a daily follow up call from Doctors to ensure that you taken care completely. 

" I am stronger than diabetes"

Consult with Doctor

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if diabetes is really bothering you and if it is your priority to live a healthy life, then you should signup for diabetes reversal program today. 

"We do what is right for the customer. If our product is of no value to you then your money is of no value to us"

Benefits of the Guduchi Diabetes reversal program

 Continuous monitoring of the sugar levels 24*7 for first 15 days to understand the sugar levels fluctuation pattern.
 Customized treatment plan based on the Continuous monitoring.
 Up to 100% reduction in your daily medication for diabetes.
 Freedom to live a prick free life.
 Fuller and healthier life.


" I was determined to share my positive approach and not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying my life"


" Keep Calm and Reverse Diabetes" 


My mother had her sugar levels always ranging between 400 to 440 and I had to signup for this reveral program, I am glad I choose that.

Dhruv - IT Consultant

I have tried various supplements and juices and what not so I thought why not try this and I am really amazed by the results that I got within the first month itself. 

Advik - Startup Founder

It was very difficult for me and my 4 year old son to watch my dad injecting insulin everyday, I really wanted to help him and ourself. Dr. Yamuna was able to help my dad withdraw from Insulin within 4 months of the consultation. Thankful to team Guduchi. 

Anika - Home maker 

Being a MLA candidate for the first time, It is very important for me to have a sound health since the campaigning is on here in Karnataka, My sugar levels were on border line and I joined the reversal program as I do not want to compromise on my health.

Kiran- MLA Candidate

For me the best part of this reversal program was the CGM device so that I can track my sugar levels easily on the app and not many changes in the diet than what I am currently consuming. Made my life much easy.

Rahul - Builder 

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